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    Premium Property Management Services

    At KingsCourt Realtors, we draw from over 15 years experience as one of Nigeria’s leading Real Estate and Facility Management providers to offer a comprehensive array of service solutions.

    From basics like cleaning, to high-end specialist services such as workplace management and our energy efficiency management program, we provide bespoke integrated facilities management solutions to fit the unique needs of your business.

    Our pioneering integrated approach to facility management ensures that we take more than just your base service requirements into account. From day one, we work closely with customers to assess everything from their geographical and business profile, all the way through their existing working culture.

    Professional Property Management Services


    For You

    We Make The Functionality And Harmony Of Your Property Our Main Concern… So You Can Concentrate On Your Actual Business.
    We are committed to the coordination and usefulness of space, allowing you to focus on what you actually do for business.

    Our Property Management OfferingsInclude:

    • Turnkey outsourced management, facilitating improved core-business delivery.
    • Formalization of win-win fee structures – we work with you to calculate the best model to suit your exact needs.
    • Management of relationship-building with different departments.
    • Becoming an integral part of the client’s team and business by managing their expectations.
    • Managing a national environment with different business units and cost centres.
    • Space planning and asset tracking.
    • Fleet management and courier services
      Risk management of the business-critical computer centre.
    • Hard and soft-service provider management.

    One of the Best Property Managers

    Our Facility Management service enables you control expenditure and improve your business. We work to ensure that property owners are able to focus on what they do best, leaving the management of ancillary support services to us, the property specialists.

    Benefits Of Working With Us

    - Guaranteed savings
    - Optimal uptime
    - Reliable, compliant equipment
    - Positive customer experiences
    - Safe, productive environments
    - Smooth local transitions
    - Energy efficiencies

    Some issues to consider when outsourcing

    • Business Focus – What is your business focus? Do non-core activities detract from it?
    • Cost Clarity – do you totally understand everything that makes up your operating costs?
    • Staff Capabilities – are you able to hire and retain suitably qualified staff to carry out the wide variety of functions in a modern building, school or stadium?
    • Service Culture – does your staff have the required service culture to perform in current operating environments?
    • Subcontracts – what existing service agreements do you have?
    • Outsourcing Model – what arrangements suit your type of operation?
    • Risk Control – do you have access to specialists with the correct knowledge?

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